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Musicians have been taken advantage of for years and robbed of their money.

Since the first recording artist made a deal with a recording studio many years ago the artist has been taken advantage of. Bravo Media Group can help you cut those chains and make it so that you keep most of your hard earned money.

You, the Artist, are the one that put in all those years of hard work. YOU are the one who created your fan base. But it's always been the record labels, recording studios, manager and everyone else who got rich off of all your work.

Bravo Media Group is here to change the way the music industry treats it's Artists. We will make it so you get the giant share of the profits that YOU created.

If you are an established Artist/Musician we can dramatically increase your income.

Our Services

streaming revenue

ITunes, Spotify and all those others pay hardly anything to the Artist. They pay only .006 cents. We will create your own streaming service where you, the Artist, keeps most of the money.

Facebook, Instagram

You worked hard for many years to build up a following. We have the technical expertise and knowledge to create a tremendous income stream from your followers.

Own Cell App

Websites are so 1999. The future is in mobile apps. 80% of the traffic on cell phones are on apps. We will help you keep those many followers that you spent years acquring.


We will provide our proprietary equipment at concerts to increase your followers as well as increase your income from each concert.

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