We are going to change the music industry

Ever since the first musician/Artist signed a deal with a record label many years ago they have been taken advantage of. The record labels, producers, managers and all the others have gotten rich off of the talents of the Artist. Bravo Media Group is here to change all that. The average paid out for each CD cut is only about 50 to 55 cents to the Artist. The streaming services like Itunes, Spotify and the others made over 7.6 billion last year. Yet they only pay the Artist .006 cents on average per song.

YOU, the Artist, are the one that has spent years performing. YOU are the the one who has put in all the hard work to create new songs and go on tour. YOU have has spent years creating a following on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Now let us take all your hard work and turn it into dollars. We have many methods of creating a tremendous income stream for you. And we do all this with absolutely no extra work on your part. You've already spent years building your business. Now let us make it reward you. The income we create for you will not affect what you are currently doing, so it will only add to your current income.

How the music industry is ripping you off

7.65 billion dollars - How much the music streaming companies made last year.

.006 cents - Average paid per song to Artist by Itunes, Spotify, etc.

50 to 50 cents - Average paid to Artist per CD.

100 % - How much we can increase your Income.

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What we Do


We will install our equipment at your concerts. The equipment will contact every concert goer with a message to their cell phone to join your fan club.


We will create your own streaming platform so you make most of the money. Now instead of making only .006 cents, you will make most of the money paid.

Mobile App

We will create a cell phone app for you. You can reach your fans directly thru the app. Announce concerts. Sell tickets to concerts. Sell streaming of concerts and much more.

Increase your Income

We will use our copywrited system to increase your income as much as two fold or more. All without you having to do anything extra.

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